#69, 6 places it is 100% acceptable to take a cat nap

  1. During your daily commute, you work hard treat yo’ self
  2. During any major sporting events, it’s like when a video game gets too intense and you have to pause and have a little breather before you carry on (c’mon, that can’t just be me?)
  3. During a man vs. food style eating endeavour, endurance is key
  4. Just before you start any chores, particularly but not limited to laundry, washing the car, and ironing of any kind
  5. During Pacific Rim, cause I watched it without the nap and the visuals gave me a headache, also the storyline is tenuous at best
  6. In an exam, after you realise you don’t know what in the hell is going on anymore, because why the hell not?