#64, things that sound like compliments, but aren’t

  1. You’re so pretty now, compared to when you were younger. 

    Shut up, I’ve always been a majestic sugar fairy. Who are you to suggest otherwise?

  2. That outfit really works on you, I mean, I’d never wear it, but it works on you.

    Thanks, Regina George.

  3. I love that you always choose comfort over style.

    Why does anyone need to dress up for the supermarket anyway? Because you always bump into *that* person, that’s why.

  4. You’re looking really healthy these days.

    You’ve gained some weight since I last saw you, ain’t you porky?

  5. You sure do read a lot, huh? I wish I had that much free time.

    Hey man, everyone’s gotta have a hobby.

  6. Your sister is so pretty! 

    Yeah, I’m not sure how we’re related either.

  7. Your brother is very handsome, too!

    Okay, I get it, I’m the runt of the litter – what do you want from me?

  8. There’s no way you’re a physicist, you’re too pretty!

    What kinda fuckery…?

  9. You’re not like a typical girl, though. You’re like one of the guys.

    No, no I’m not.

  10. You look really tired.

    It is never okay to say this to people, okay? Stop it. Yes, I mean you.

(Note: All of these are taken out of context, and I can appreciate that most of the people who said these things to me didn’t actually mean to offend me. Don’t worry, I have a sense of humour about these sorts of things, anyway)