#72, 3 things I know I shouldn’t DIY

I’m sure other people do things like this all the time and it turns out fine. I’m not one of those people:

  1. Dye my hair. Firstly, my hair is super dark, so no box-colour ever really works. Secondly, no one should ever really bleach their hair themselves… It’s just not good common sense, really, is it? I mean, I know some people do, and I know sometimes it turns out fine. But, it’s really a very high risk strategy.
  2. Make alterations to a shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I can sew. If you lose buttons or wanna put a patch on a jacket – I got you covered. But, I can’t fix the disparity between the waist size and bust size of a women’s shirt. I understand the concept of darts, however in practice I just can’t achieve them. Trust me, I’ve laid to rest many shirts trying.
  3. Give myself, or someone else, a perfect manicure. Like, I can’t even paint my nails without smudging it 0.01 seconds after application. And, some of those manicure tools just look downright dangerous.

It can’t just be me, right?


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