#70, is that really what my natural brows are like?

With the return of the bold brow, many woman like myself, have started to grow out their natural brows. Now, if you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t seen your natural brow shape in a decade. It’s easy to get used to the forced arch you put in every couple weeks and the far apart rounded beginnings. So, it really did catch me off-guard to see how truly shapeless my natural eyebrows are. (Granted, it could be a lot worse, and I’m not exactly walking around with caterpillars on my face)

However, it’s not exactly ideal to have your eyebrows feel like they’ve gone from a “work of art” to, well, if we’re honest, just a bit of a mess. In any case, what I find to be the most shocking element about the whole thing is… Well, no one’s really seemed to notice. (And, trust me, I have friends who definitely say what they think and would have no problems holding me down and threatening to sort out my brows FOR me if I won’t do it myself)

They say eyebrows “really frame your face” but maybe I’m starting to feel like they’re not really that big of a deal at all? It’s all about feeling comfortable with ourselves, right? From the eyebrows outwards… And, I can honestly say that the liberating feeling that came with demoting my tweezers to a mediocre importance in my life, outweighs the perfectly balanced arch and thickness routine of yesteryear.

Let’s see how this changes as sculpted brows come back.


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