#62, best seasonal sweets: easter edition

One of the more subtle side effects to my giant peter pan complex is that over the years, I have developed quite a sweet tooth. A connoisseur of confectionary, you might say. You might also say “but Mayme, easter time has come and past, why are you mentioning this NOW?” Because, my little cupcakes, everything to do with easter is currently selling for, pretty much, a quarter of the price it was selling for last week.

So, without further ado:

(in no particular order):

  • mini eggs
  • malteaster bunny
  • lindt chocolate bunny
  • cadbury’s creme egg
  • anything that has a novelty bunny on it, or is bunny shaped for novelty
  • cadbury’s caramel egg
  • kinder surprise: easter addition
  • seriously, eat all the things with mini eggs on ’em
  • milka/cadbury’s lil’ scoop
  • m&ms white chocolate carrot cake
  • jelly beans, idk why that’s easter-y, but it is
  • anything that is carrot shaped for novelty, via

And, now that you’re all hopped up on E-numbers, and addicted to your new favourite sweets, like I am. You can bulk buy them before all the confectioners take them off the shelf for an entire calendar year.

And, because we were all wondering…

It’s no longer just suspicion, it’s scientific fact (I mean, there’s a graph and everything), via

me creys.


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