#61, am I making scents?

I don’t think it’s weird or out of the ordinary to like things that smell nice, and not like things that smell bad. But I’m not sure everyone could relate to this one time, motivated by my nose, I stood way too close to a stranger on the tube. After I saw him visible get a bit freaked, because it really was way too close (even for rush hour), I hopelessly mumbled something to the affect of “sorry man, I just… You smell really nice, dude.”

However, in the spirit of putting a positive spins on my gifts of nose (which I have a lot of, and the rather flat-that-gets-wider-when-I-smile kind) I’ve complied a small list of smells that are making my nose happy:

  • Lilacs; they smell a bit like a sweet honeyed rose blend. It’s light, warming, and the perfect friend for a good book and cup of coffee. (Which is exactly how I’ve been enjoying it. My local coffee shop has been sporting them on their window sills, which is what brought them to my attention in the first place)
  • Yankee Candle’s Beach Wood scented candle. I do love a scented candle. The whole cathartic lighting, burning, and even extinguishing process is very pleasing to me. While this isn’t the strongest YC smell when it’s lit, it’s still a pretty magical smell. It’s a fresh, nature-y smell. Like cedar, green notes, and maybe even a touch of salty vetiver. It has an air of men’s cologne to it, and also a whisper of woodsmoke. But, in the nice bonfire-y way.
  • Noa by Cacharel. Whilst I am usually the self-professed queen of powdery, musky, oriental “grandma” smells, I think this fresh-floral scent by Cacharel is heaps underrated. It was gifted to me once upon a moon, and I have repurchased many a bottle of this stuff. On me, top notes are freesia, plums, and maybe a hint of something citrus-y. Mid notes are jasmine and rose, and base note is sandalwood (and maybe a hint of vanilla). From nose to tail this scent is basically what the nectar of the Gods would smell like. (and who wouldn’t want to smell like that?)

If you have a minute, tell me what you smell like. ‘Cause, I would really like to know.


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