#56, Treat Yo’ Self Day

Treat yo’self 2014 ~~~

In 2011, Parks and Rec showcased an idea for a day dedicated to indulging in all your desires, that day is called Treat Yo’ Self Day. This short clip explains the premise (don’t worry, it’s only 25 seconds long):

Last week, my bff and I (yep, I wrote bff and I don’t regret it) took it upon ourselves to do just that. Why? Because work sucks and exams are coming up. That’s why. And, okay, whilst we didn’t actually treat ourselves to any of the things that were listed, it’s only because Tom and Donna’s idea of treating themselves doesn’t directly translate to hers and mine. (Ours was mostly lipstick and chips, holler!)

To me, the idea of TYS day transcends buying nice things, eating “bad” food, and indulging in all of life’s luxuries. To me, it’s more about appreciating that you’re human and you need to be loved just like everyone else does. and for once everything doesn’t have to be about school/work/the kids/the cats/all manner of other things that need to be taken care of.

Really, TYS is a state of mind that should be adopted into our daily lives whether in the guise of a solitary cup of tea, or a quick cigarette for a mirco-unwind. (Or spending an entire evening wikihopping because it’s weirdly addictive and you’re learning so much about the world.)

However, I appreciate that this idea isn’t revolutionary. Obviously you don’t need me to patronise you by sitting here telling you that this is a thing you should take into account for your physical and mental well-being. But, we all have that friend who is always so wound up and so uptight but used to be a really fun person before we all grew up. And, if you think of your set of closest friends and can’t seem to place which one of you that person would be… Chances are it’s probably you.

So, this is just a friendly reminder to tell you that on occasion you must:

(thank you Tom and Donna).


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