#55, 3 things that are less fun than a (mild) toothache

I am currently experiencing some mild gum discomfort, and whilst I’m sure it’s nothing serious (and have booked a dentist appointment on the off-chance), I am getting really bored of it. In order to take my mind off my woes, I have compiled a small list of things that are less fun than a (mild) toothache:

  1. Stubbing your toe, universally unavoidable and annoying, stubbing one’s toe is one of the most common ways that a person will break or fracture a toe. (Ouch! It even hurts to type it) It’s also one of those magical situation in which people of all varieties react in exactly the same way: hopping around the room on one foot cursing furiously. But, don’t feel too bad about that because your profanity helps build up your tolerance toward pain.
  2. Waxing anything for the first time (or after a long time), hair grows, and that’s okay as long as you’re okay with it. But sometimes, on a sunny afternoon when you’re bored and you’ve done all of the jigsaws and eaten all of the ice creams, you might get the bright idea to wax something for the first time, or after a really long time. You will regret that.
  3. Growing out a bad haircut, maybe you didn’t explain it well, maybe it was that awful hairdresser’s fault either way, you are stuck with one messed up do. Kids are pointing and laughing. Babies are crying. You look like a mess. Your only real options are: a) buy a hat, b) wear clothes that are so bad they upstage your awful hair, c) realise it’s only hair that with either grow out, back, or have it’s colour fade to normal. Deep breathing; in through the nose, out through the mouth.

It’s fairly common that all people will experience one or all of these things in their lifetime. To stub-toe is human. Solidarity to all those with bad haircuts, stubbed toes, and that one missing patch of leg/back/chest hair.

But most of all, solidarity to those who are currently suffering with mild, or not-so-mild toothaches.



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