#54, people who want “just one chip”

Dear people who ask if they can have “just one chip”,

I don’t understand you.

I mean, I’m not averse to sharing. You can have many chips. We can share all the chips. But, you insist that you just want the one, and I don’t understand.

One chip is not going to make you full. One chip is not going to curb your craving for chips, it’s just going to make you remember how good chips taste. In the grand scheme of things, one chip is no worse than a handful of chips. The only thing that is achieved by asking if you can have “just one chip” is the mild annoyance of the person you nicked the chip off (i.e. me).

Please stop being the people who ask for “just one chip”, there’s nothing to gain from that accept for making yourselves and me both acutely aware that y’all want more chips but are now too afraid to ask incase it’s construed as greedy.

Can we give up the ghost? Can we just share the chips and have a nice conversation that isn’t filled with hangry (hungry-angry, it’s a real thing) tension?

Sending my warmest regards and hoping to resolve this issue at a social event nearby,



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