#49 Infinity

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For a self confessed commitaphobe, infinity as a concept seems to be a slightly longer time frame than previously put forward. That in itself is a ridiculous statement, blatantly obvious and needless to say outloud. But, technically, we face factors of infinity everyday.

Let me expand, being a student, deadlines seem to creep up on me almost weekly and induce the same kind of left brain panic that maniacally forces my body into rejecting sleep as if i could function at a better capacity without it, this is complemented by an insanely logical device that ticks over in my head telling me that obtaining some marks on any particular piece of coursework is infinitely better than no marks on it. The marked improved between the day before the deadline and the day after therefore increases by a factor of infinity.

This comforting little construct is applicable to almost anything that features progression and I have found it to be an integral part of maintaining peace of mind amidst stressful times where the vision and grand scheme of things is beyond blurred.
Well, that, hot coffee, and after eights. Second year of university: Job done?
(We’ll see after the exams).


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