#39 sunshine and m&m’s

to whomever it may concern:

if you find my sunny disposition unbearable, i think it’s important that you bare in a few things in mind:

  • you don’t have to speak to me if you don’t want to, no one does, i’m perfectly happy to sip my coffee, do my mathematics and have my own conversations.
  • after you’ve spent time with me, you get to go home and not spend time with me. i, on the other hand, have to be around myself all the time. so, please don’t make me feel guilty for being happy. i find it incredibly unfair.

on the other hand, you could persist and, in time, make me deeply unhappy. in which case, you ‘win’, and to me the world would exist as if someone had removed every single m&m from it. and, well, when someone puts it like that, are they really any winners at all?


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